Old Rat Rod

Rat terd polish
Full custom aluminum roof, hand made. One off and made to be removable. Complete with flared holes, A-470 brazier head rivets, some copper, some aluminum, brass horn section, and some character…

Old Rat Rod Monzo Speed South Lake Tahoe, Ca

Old Rat Rod Monzo Speed South Lake Tahoe, Ca

Old Rat Rod Monzo Speed South Lake Tahoe, Ca

Old Rat Rod Monzo Speed South Lake Tahoe, Ca

Manly Manifolds

Many have seen, only now this manifold is complete. Hand made aluminum intake manifold for Buick 350.

Fuel injector bungs located for complete fuel injection upgrade/install on the Buick wagon this manifold is destined for. The car will be turbocharged with a boss 74mm turbo. Pressurization will feed the manifold through a 90mm throttle body. Flanges that mate with the cylinder heads have been cut with precision on the mill using hand controls. Injector bung were also custom cut on the lathe. Coolant and crank breather bungs are off the shelf pieces from Earls. Conceptual design in joint effort by Ansel White and Wesley Harcourt. Fully welded in house at Monzo Speed by Ansel.

Next up to do on this project is an aluminum radiator core support, full intercooler plumbing, turbo mounting, plumbing, and complete exhaust system. Now that snow has found its way back to Tahoe, the daily driven Buick will soon go under the knife and find some new awesomeness! Keep checking back to see the progress on this as well as other awesome Monzo Speed creations.

Das Snorkel

We pimped out this 1962 Mercedes Unimog with a custom snorkel. Should this Mog wade the Truckee River and an engine snorkel is required, the driver is now fitted with his own snorkel to compliment ear muffs for loud road noise and gas mask for those questionable situations…

This Snorkel is made from mandrel bent 3″ tube and 16 gauge sheet. The top hat is internally baffled to deflect rain from entering the snorkel through the dimpled inlet holes. A drain hole was drilled near the bottom in effort to reduce the water directly injected into the factory oil-bath filtration device. The bottom mounting flange is .125″ plate. Also down at the cowl, the factory louvers are retained on the Mog sheet metal. A cork gasket was cut to resemble a vintage look. Stainless fasteners used throughout.

CJ 5 Heavy Duty steering

Pictured is a Jeep CJ 5 that was brought to us with stock Dana drivetrain, a Scout steering box and a customer tired of breaking tie rod ends. The most sensable answer was to upgrade the entire tie rod and drag link setup to 1 ton truck parts. We hit up Performance Steering Components (PSC) for a tie rod kit that contains 1 ton Chevrolet truck tie rod ends with 7 degree taper, 1.375 OD x .188 wall DOM tube, coresponding threaded bungs and jam nuts. Ths kit is meant to be installed on top of the steering knuckle but due to leaf spring clearance issues and a budget we left the tie rod on the bottom and used Synergy suspension tapered adapter to fasten the drag link to the not wrong side of the tie rod end. Now with mega duty tie rod ends this guy has no choice but to out wheelin and break something else!

Subaru Impreza bumper and skid plate

A few too many smacks from the old Earth aided by fast spooling boost and you may find yourself like Edan looking for more protection. Pictured here is a one off tube front bumper inspired by desert pre-runner trucks. Hopefully this will help future problems with control… Main construction is 1.75″ OD Mild Steel HREW tube with supports made of the same family 1.5″ and 1″ tube. The skid plate is .188″(3/16) thick Aluminum plate fastened using American Grade 8 hardware. This bumper bolts directly to the factory location using the stock studs and weld nuts with Class 12.9 locking fasteners. Grey primed because more supports and Hella 3000 driving lights are coming soon!

Hydrogen Fuel Pump

After mega hours of work the big white box is complete. This Hydrogen Fuel Pump on wheels is made to help spread the knowledge of hydrogen fuel powered automobiles across the country one show at a time.

For more info on the California Fuel Cell Partnership and hydrogen fuel technology, please visit: http://www.fuelcellpartnership.org/

The main construction is made from 14 gauge steel, with a half inch thick plate steel base. The cradle that holds the high pressure hydrogen fuel nozzle is made in house from billet aluminum. The light weight modular banner above the pump is made from sheet aluminum. It’s compact and can be disassembled for better transport needs. The top notch vinyl graphics were printed and installed by Nick Clarke at Signs of Tahoe.

Toyota rock armor

(Archived from Sunday, February 20, 2011)

Last week Monzo Speed was employed to treat this 1985 Toyota Pick Up with some rock protection. To better save hard earned dough the rocker gaurd panels were bought from Trail Gear. Made from 1026 DOM tube these rock sliders are 1 3/4″ OD with .120″ wall thickness. There are 3 attachment points for each slider fully MIG welded to the frame. I made the rear bumper from plain HREW tube also 1 3/4 OD .120″ wall to match the sliders. The design is simple and plain. Some character was added to the frame horns and by way a 24 lightening holes. More tubes will be added as the truck grows. Stay tuned for front end madness as its stuck somewhere in UPS land…