CJ 5 Heavy Duty steering

Pictured is a Jeep CJ 5 that was brought to us with stock Dana drivetrain, a Scout steering box and a customer tired of breaking tie rod ends. The most sensable answer was to upgrade the entire tie rod and drag link setup to 1 ton truck parts. We hit up Performance Steering Components (PSC) for a tie rod kit that contains 1 ton Chevrolet truck tie rod ends with 7 degree taper, 1.375 OD x .188 wall DOM tube, coresponding threaded bungs and jam nuts. Ths kit is meant to be installed on top of the steering knuckle but due to leaf spring clearance issues and a budget we left the tie rod on the bottom and used Synergy suspension tapered adapter to fasten the drag link to the not wrong side of the tie rod end. Now with mega duty tie rod ends this guy has no choice but to out wheelin and break something else!