Monthly Archives: November 2012

Manly Manifolds

Many have seen, only now this manifold is complete. Hand made aluminum intake manifold for Buick 350.

Fuel injector bungs located for complete fuel injection upgrade/install on the Buick wagon this manifold is destined for. The car will be turbocharged with a boss 74mm turbo. Pressurization will feed the manifold through a 90mm throttle body. Flanges that mate with the cylinder heads have been cut with precision on the mill using hand controls. Injector bung were also custom cut on the lathe. Coolant and crank breather bungs are off the shelf pieces from Earls. Conceptual design in joint effort by Ansel White and Wesley Harcourt. Fully welded in house at Monzo Speed by Ansel.

Next up to do on this project is an aluminum radiator core support, full intercooler plumbing, turbo mounting, plumbing, and complete exhaust system. Now that snow has found its way back to Tahoe, the daily driven Buick will soon go under the knife and find some new awesomeness! Keep checking back to see the progress on this as well as other awesome Monzo Speed creations.